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I am a highly skilled product designer with substantial technical knowledge. I have an aptitude for translating high-end trends to appeal to a broad range of consumers and creating quality product within any price point. My work history has been predominately in women's footwear, with some men's and children's design as well as textiles and illustration.

Currently, I am working as a Product Application Specialist with Nucraft Furniture and as a freelance design consultant. My clients have included Wolverine World Wide, Keen, Rudis Athletic Gear and Beaconsfield Footwear. My services include assisting product teams with line building, market research, footwear & accessory design, spec detailing, technical packages and prototype development.

Creativity is what drives me and I am eager to broaden my experience in design and development. I have been adding to my skill set by taking courses in Computer Aided Drafting and 3D modeling, with the goal of obtaining a degree in Mechanical Design. I am also building a catalog of self-published projects, creating artwork for gallery exhibits and book collections as well as commissioned work for small press & self-publishers.

In addition to expanding on my experience in footwear design and development, I am interested in moving into other areas of design. The skills I have cultivated within the footwear industry would be beneficial in the creation and manufacturing of other types of consumer products and design disiplines.

I am open for freelance product design opportunities, as well as textile print projects and illustration work.

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